Server unresponsive Monday 13th May 2024 7:52:00 am

The server has stopped responding, engineers are en route to check.

This is now resolved and repaired.

We apologise for the longer than expected downtime.

This work is ongoing and has come up with some complications following the drive replacement.

Our engineers continue to work to restore service.

The drive replacement has started on the server

We were able to see errors on the console this time.

One of the NVMe drives appears to be erroring causing kernel panics.

A replacement of the drive will be planned and this status updated. Some downtime may be requied because of this.

This server appears to have stopped responding again.

We are investigating and if there are no log entries to indicate why, a hardware replacement will be carried out at a future time.

There are no errors in the logs which would indicate the reason for failure after a reboot.

The server is back online and we will continue to monitor.