Power Loss - DC3 Thursday 24th November 2022 10:10:00 am

We're aware of a power outage affecting a secondary site used for off-site backup services.

This is also impacting our phones for incoming and outgoing services. We are working on re-routing those where possible.

No customer services are impacted as this site is only used for extra resilience for hosting services such as tertiary DNS and MX.

This is now considered resolved and calls routed back to their original location.

Customers with immediate queries, will be called back up to 8pm this evening where there are existing and outstanding updates.

We're still working towards a limited capacity on the re-routed calls and our team is extremely busy.

Power has been restored to DC3 and we are now working to revert calls back this location.

Some re-routing has been possible but this is at limited capacity due to telephony constraints.

They are working to increase this currently.