Login Failures Monday 11th March 2019 3:44:00 pm

Our monitoring has detected an issue with one of our portal servers communicating with the back-end database.

This will mean that some logins present an invalid login/unknown user message.

We are investigating.

This issue is now resolved and confirmed clear.

The sessions were clear around 2 hours ago and a monitoring period confirms logins appear to be working as normal.

Should you have any further issues, please clear your cookies for my.xilo.net.

The cause has been found due to a failing webserver within our portal cluster.

Connections that hit that server could not login normally. This has been removed from active connection handling and any existing sessions reaching that server will timeout to others. We are looking to clear the session/cookie table on our load balancer to expedite this process but doing so may impact others so we are checking this before doing so.